Online Clinical Courses

Ultrasound for Women's Health Providers
Everything You Need to Know for Obstetrical Ultrasound Implementation
Midwifery Core Competencies
Evidence Based Standards for Midwifery Scope of Practice
Midwifery & Nurse Practitioner Student Ultrasound Training
Obstetrical Ultrasound Introductory Course Great for Beginners and Students
Breastfeeding Support Tips
Great Starting Place for Supporting Mothers With Nursing Needs
Mastering the Menstrual Cycle
Gain Essential Knowledge to Understand, Diagnosis and Address Critical Hormonal Challenges That Can Arise
Newborn Care Guide
Comprehensive Care Management Tips for Midwives Taking Care of Newborns First Month of Life
Second Degree Repair Training with Sara
Everything You Need to Know about Second Degree Perineal Repair
Comprehensive Midwife Birth Assistant Training
Everything You Need to Know for Being an Amazing Midwife Birth Assistant
Vaginal Repair Suturing Training
Perineal Repair Tips and Using the Hegenberger Speculum
Alcohol Use During Pregnancy and Fetal Alcohol Syndrome
Everything You Need to Know for Supporting Mothers with Alcohol Use
Marijuana Use During Pregnancy and Lactation
Everything You Need to Know for Supporting Mothers with Marijuana Use
Sexually Transmitted Infection Management Tips
Everything You Need to Know for Support Mothers with STI Concerns
Comprehensive Mental Health
Extensive Program for Supporting Midwives and Their Clients Alike
Essential Oil Tips
Everything Midwives Need to Know for Supporting Families with Essential Oils
Indigenous Cultures in US
Everything You Need to Know for Supporting Indigenous Families
Managing Midwifery Emergencies
Midwifery Tips for Managing Obstetrical Emergencies in the Community Setting
International Midwifery Essential Implementation Tips
Anyone Considering Doing International Midwifery Needs to Take This Course
Exercise Tips During Perinatal Period
Essential Tips for Supporting Exercise During and After Pregnancy
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